It’s almost Halloween! Last week we published a lot of scary stories about The Hague. And also for today we have a ghost story: Rumah Setan or the House of Satan.

At the Sophialaan number is Sophiahof museum, about the Indies and Moluccan communities in The Hague. Did you know that the house is also called Rumah Setan, the house of Satan?

Haunted house

How can such a beautiful villa suddenly become a haunted house?! The uncle of the Hague Indies writer Louis Couperus lived in the villa in The Hague. Nothing strange you would think, but he had a special accessory in the house.

In 1832 this uncle was seriously injured on Java, the perpetrator was subsequently killed. Couperus’ uncle was given the head as a souvenir and brought it to his house on Sophialaan. People say it’s been haunted ever since. We do not know whether the skull is still there.

Source: Facebook page Geestenrijk,


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