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Published: 28 October 2022Last change: 28 October 2022

Today the Municipal Executive of The Hague presents the program budget 2022-2026. The coalition agreement has been incorporated into the budget both in terms of content and financially. The Municipal Executive wants to create liveable, clean and safe neighborhoods for our residents, work towards a sustainable energy supply, more affordable and sustainable living space, increase social security and equality of opportunity and a robust and future-proof financial foundation for the city. To achieve this, important steps have been taken to bring these ambitions into line with the structural financial resources.

Basic in order The current time brings with it many financial worries and uncertainties for residents and entrepreneurs. The municipality believes it is important to invest in social facilities and pays specific attention to people who are having a hard time. Extra money will also be made available for (youth) prevention, equality of opportunity, urban development and the energy transition. Getting the basics in order also takes place within the municipal organization itself, by investing in ICT maintenance and information security. In order to realize these ambitions for The Hague, it is necessary to raise a number of taxes and cut spending. Despite this, housing costs in The Hague are still lower than the national average.

Alderman for Finance Saskia Bruines: “With this budget from The Hague, we are taking steps towards a solid basis for the future, whereby we want to achieve a maximum effect for the inhabitants of The Hague. A solid future also requires a contribution from the national government that is sufficient for the longer term. For the time being, there is insufficient evidence of this from 2026. The discussions between municipalities and the national government about the redistribution of the municipal fund and the new financing system are therefore of great importance.”

In the coming years, the emphasis will be on improving the implementation and quality of municipal services. The municipality is working on an investment budget to guarantee important investments for the coming years. There will also be a co-financing fund for contributions from European and national schemes. The ‘rules of the game’ associated with such a fund will be further elaborated in the near future.

Read here the program budget.


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