Attention all fashion lovers and creatives! Kunstmuseum Den Haag is presenting an exhibition that will make your heart beat faster: Balenciaga – Masterly Black . It is of course the display of one of the greatest fashion designers that ever existed: Cristóbal Balenciaga. So you really have to go there!

Special: it is the first time that such a large selection of Balenciaga can be seen in the Netherlands. The exhibition is until March 5 1967 on display in The Hague. It concerns more than 100 masterpieces from the collections of Palais Galliera and Maison Balenciaga. Be prepared for an inspiring afternoon packed with fashion. One thing is certain: the items steal the show!

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A glimpse | Photo: Mike Bink

Real haute couture

It is a special exhibition to say the least. The room is filled with eye-catching pieces that really show the history of the Balenciaga brand. “If haute couture is an orchestra, Balenciaga is the conductor and the rest of us are just musicians following the master’s directions,” Christian Dior once said. Cristóbal was known as a fiery, passionate and strict fashion designer who saw his work as a religion. And it shows.

Black is the new black

If you wear black, it always looks good. Black is chic, classy and dressy. The fashion house Balenciaga thought the same. All vintage creations that can be admired in the museum are in black. Whether it’s a beautiful evening dress, a cool suit or a cute cocktail dress. Maybe a bit monotonous? On the contrary: the exhibition is very versatile due to the difference in fabrics, textures, groundbreaking shapes and materials. This is how the Spanish fashion designer made a difference in his masterpieces.

Why did the master of the trade love black so much? That goes back to the history of Spain. The color has a long history and deep connection with the Spanish identity. Whether it concerns Catholic piety and traditional Spanish regional dress. Or the austere black finery of Spanish Habsburg rulers and their court: everything is black.

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More than beautiful | Irving Penn, Sue Murray in Cristóbal Balenciaga Evening Gown, Vogue, September 2022 © Condé Nast

)More than just looking

During your visit you will discover more than just beautiful Balenciaga creations. In the museum you can also discover a lot of news about the fashion house and the teacher. You get an insight into the life of the designer in times of his youth, for example about his training as a tailor.

You will also experience the further course of his career and why he is considered one of the most influential people in the fashion world. You will learn more about the fashion years’ and ’60. These years are seen as the pinnacle of the fashion designer’s career. Do you want to know more? Then pay a visit to the museum.

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Cristóbal Balenciaga at work, Paris Early years 1960 | Photo: Thomas Kublin Balenciaga Archives, Paris Masterly Black

The exhibition Balenciaga – Masterly Black is a real must see. The era of vintage pieces was labeled by Vogue as ‘the hottest fashion on earth’. Enough reason to go to the museum! Order your tickets via the website. Which creation appeals to you the most? 27105423

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