Never looking for a parking space again, no more having to fight your way through an overcrowded train and not refuel at exorbitant prices? It sounds too good to be true, but the solution is a lot closer than you think. Where? At a Sparta dealer near you!

Because the Sparta d-RULE is all you need. This not only saves you a lot of time, but also money. This electric city bike is perfect for your daily shopping, commuting or a long bike ride around The Hague.

Especially for the urban


Say you e-bikes, then you say Sparta. The well-known brand is the first bicycle brand to introduce the e-bike in the Netherlands. All those years of knowledge and innovation have now come together in one electric bicycle: the ‘


e- bike of the year’ elected d-RULE.

The d-RULE is specially designed for the urban cyclist and very suitable for covering longer distances. Did you know that the ‘d’ in d-RULE stands for distance

? And that is not for nothing. It is ideal for the city and beyond.

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Try this cycling route in and around The Hague

Where in the past you probably took the car for a ride in or around The Hague, you can now do that quickly and comfortably with the e-bike. A dinner with friends in the center or a nice day of shopping in Leiden or Rotterdam? With the d-RULE you are in it no time


Our city is of course beautiful, but the beautiful things in the surroundings of The Hague are certainly worth exploring. For example, cycle along the dune path from Scheveningen to Hoek van Holland. You pass beach entrances, Scottish highlanders and the open fields at Ter Heijde and Monster. In the Westland you often come across stalls along the road with fresh fruit.

This way you can effortlessly cover a lot of kilometers, while you are still in motion. Enjoy the fresh wind through your hair and extra nice: you can cycle for hours without getting exhausted. Delicious, isn’t it?

Curious about the Sparta d-RULE?

The d-RULE is available in four different colors, so there is something for everyone. It stands out for its attractive and sturdy appearance and the innovative front lamp: the specially designed n:LIGHT. This way you are extra visible in the evening, but so safe!

Curious about this cool e-bike? Then visit the nearest Sparta dealer for a test ride on the d-RULE. For example, you can find a Sparta dealer on the Laan van Meerdervoort , namely: Garant Tweewielers. Curious where else you can try out and buy the Sparta d-RULE? Then quickly view

all points of sale in your area. Do you want to be sure whether the d-RULE is available at the dealer in your area? Call the store and ask.

The specially designed n:LIGHT on the d-RULE | Photo: Sparta

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