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Published: 14 October 316Last change: 2022 October 2022

Over the past four weeks, students from nine primary schools in The Hague have collected a large amount of electronic waste during the E-waste Race The Hague. In total, the schools collected no fewer than 8 316 old electronic devices with the help of local residents. Thanks to the large collection battle, the collected equipment does not end up in the incinerator, but is reused and recycled. Primary school OBS Max Velthuijs from The Hague is the winner of the E-waste Race with 1.316 collected appliances. Alderman Arjen Kapteijns of the municipality of The Hague handed over last Thursday 13 October 2022 the price.

There is still a world to be won in the field of e-waste collection. Half of Dutch e-waste is not collected. Old laptops or broken kitchen machines often end up in the attic or in a hall closet. Shame! Because there are valuable and reusable materials in our e-waste that deserve a second life. The E-waste Race raises awareness about the importance of recycling and reuse. All participants really made a difference. Fantastic, says Alderman Arjen Kapteijns (Sustainability, Energy Transition and Climate Adaptation).At the moment, half of the electronic waste (e-waste) in the Netherlands is not recycled, often because it ends up with the residual waste or remains in people’s homes in the attic or in a drawer. The E-waste Race encourages children, their families and local residents to be more aware of their electronics. As always, the race started with an instructive interactive guest lesson in which children learn about, among other things, scarcity of raw materials, reducing consumption and the circular economy.

After the guest lectures, the race started and the students collected electronic waste for four weeks and received extra points if they had e-waste repaired. At the same time, the children campaigned in their neighborhood to involve local residents in the E-waste Race. Local residents could offer their old electronic devices – from juicer to DVD player and from hair dryer to keyboard – online, after which the students came to collect them at home. All devices collected by the classes will be reused or recycled. In this way, the race contributes to a sustainable cycle of the precious raw materials contained in old electronics.

The following primary schools have participated in the E-waste Race in the past four weeks: OBS De Baanbreker, RKBS De Jonge Wereld, De Bonte butterfly, OBS Max Velthuijs, Princess Irene Primary School, Inspector S. de Vriesschool VSO, RKBS De Fontein, Octantschool Fontein and Child Center De Balans.

The E-waste Race The Hague is an initiative in collaboration with Nature and Environmental Education and Stadsboerderijen The Hague. Together they ensure that collected e-waste ends up at recyclers. Residents of The Hague who still have E-waste at home can always hand it in at the local recycling center or waste collection station.

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