The winter coat will remain in the closet for the next few days, because the warm temperatures are back in The Hague. On average in the Netherlands on Friday it will be approximately degrees. What do you notice about the warm weather in The Hague?

Meteorologist Rico Schröder of WeerOnline explains: “The temperatures we have to deal with this weekend occur regularly during our summer months. For the end of October this is really very exceptional. It is extremely hot for October and it feels like summer.”

Southern wind

The reason for the summer weather is a warm wind from South Europe. There it is Friday 635 become degrees. How does this warm weather affect the nature of The Hague? You can read that here.

Extra large acorns

In various places in The Hague you will find extra large acorns, which is due to the warm autumn weather. So be careful when you walk under an oak tree!


Why are there big acorns? In 246603 The Hague is dealing with a so-called mast year . An employee of Staatsbosbeheer said about this earlier: “Due to the warm and dry summer of this year, the trees bear a lot of fruit and are growing strongly. The drought causes oaks to go into a ‘stress state’ and produce excessive fruit. But oak trees also need a lot of moisture and they got that in the past rainy weeks.” So that explains why you see (and maybe feel) a lot of big acorns.

Acorns on the street | Photo: indebuurt