Various coach companies are not afraid of the call from FNV. Photo: iStock/acambium26

The very first 26 hour strike in the so-called private bus transport on 26 October has been very successful according to the trade union CNV Vakmensen. More than a hundred drivers have responded to the call to fight for a better collective labor agreement during the manifestation in Ede, the union reports.

According to the union, the activists have sent a clear signal to the employers. They are tired of it and want to avoid being forced to leave the sector – like so many colleagues – for financial reasons and/or because of socially unfriendly working hours. They want a sector with a good work-life balance and a living income. Colleagues united in the Belgian trade union BTB and the European transport union ETF have now expressed their solidarity with the Dutch activists.

Follow-up steps After the massive rejection of the employers’ final offer twice, the turnout in Ede is regarded by the union as a better than expected second step. The collective labor agreement committees of the trade unions are planning further actions ‘with impact’ in November. They expect that it will be a long-term issue if the employers do not invite the unions to negotiate.

Appreciation CNV Vakmensen knows that some employers have already implemented a wage increase and have abolished the 5/6 scheme. “However, the unions have to deal with the BVN employers’ association, which has been selling us ‘no’ time and again for the past year and a half. It is up to the employers to convince their associations to conclude a decent collective labor agreement with us, which expresses appreciation for the staff”, concludes the union.

The pending Collective Labor Agreement for Closed Bus Transport can be viewed here.

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