CNV Vakmensen refuses to be pressured by an ultimatum.Photo: ANP/Venema Media

The trade unions will not be pressured by the employers’ ultimatum. Rick Pellis, negotiator on behalf of CNV Vakmensen during the collective labor agreement negotiations for healthcare transport and taxi, informed TaxiPro. The employers attached an ultimatum to their final collective bargaining offer, but the unions did not elaborate on this.

“The employers have added too few new points to the final offer,” Rick Pellis explains the decision of CNV Vakmensen. “We have submitted the offer to our supporters. This was finally rejected. Our supporters have a great mandate for our demands and this final offer didn’t even come close. So we cannot agree to that. In addition, we do not allow ourselves to be pressured by the employers with such an imposed deadline. Those are the two things we considered when making this decision.”

Survey In order to test their final final offer with the employees, the employers conducted a survey. Such employees participated. The survey showed that 27 percent of the respondents, of which 74 percent are drivers, has indicated that they agree with the final offer of the employers. Rick Pellis, however, thinks his own. “This survey was carried out by only a few large companies. So the response is actually quite small if you compare it to the entire industry. So that data doesn’t tell us much.”

In addition, Pellis believes that employees are misled. “It is also stated that if the NEA index is not achieved, there will be no more wage increases at all,” says the CNV negotiator. “Actually, that means: do you choose this or do you choose nothing? That’s a very wrong question, if you ask me.”

NEA index announcement pushed forward Social Fund Mobility (SFM) announced yesterday that the final publication of the NEA index will be postponed. “In order to give the parties to the collective agreement as much time as possible to reach an agreement, the sounding board group has decided to extend the adoption and publication of the NEA index to 10 November”, SFM announced yesterday.

Pellis is happy with that decision, although the negotiator emphasizes that the NEA index is especially important for employers. “Of course it is ultimately in the interest of the employees, but the NEA index is especially important for the employers. The employers can only pass on the collective labor agreement to their clients if they reach an agreement before the publication of the NEA index.”

Final offer off the table NEA index or not, the CNV negotiator still hopes that an agreement on a new collective labor agreement will be reached soon. “We still want to talk about that, but not according to the employers’ final offer. That has to be taken off the table. We are going to hold action meetings with our supporters next week. These meetings are no longer about the employers’ final offer, but about who is prepared to take action. Three quarters of the members must vote in favor of any actions. If that is the case, I expect that we will issue an ultimatum to employers. If that ultimatum expires, there could just be actions,” Pellis concludes.

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