Are you just about to jump on your bike, your tire is flat! And that while you were actually late for work. Recognizable? Don’t worry, because you can immediately go to Fiets & Service at the station for the repair of your two-wheeler. Hop on the bus or train and come and get your bike again after your working day, because it is often ready the same day. And you can now also score bicycle lighting with a discount!

Fiets & Service is the place at the station for repairing your bicycle: from tape tires up to a full service. And often you can pick it up the same day. On working days your bike for 20. hour brought? Then he stands at 20. ready for you again. Very handy! Is your steel steed in bad shape and in need of new parts? Even then you often get it back the next day.

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NS Fiets & ServiceNS Fiets & ServiceNS Fiets & Service

Photo: Dutch Railways

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You can also choose between 20 October and 20 November at Bicycle & Service throughout the Netherlands go for lighting with a twenty percent discount. And that is very handy, because with good lighting you not only avoid a fine; it is also safe to go out well lit, especially in winter.

No surprises

You know that: you have lost your bike for weeks, and then the repair is also much more expensive than you thought? At Fiets & Service, therefore, there are no surprises when it comes to the price tag. The most common repairs all have a

fixed price . Also, only professional craftsmen work who use top quality materials. So your two-wheeler is in good hands!


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