Announcement NEA index postponed to give the parties to the collective labor agreement more time.Photo: ProMedia

The final publication of the NEA index for the year , has been postponed to 14 Nov. Social Fund Mobility (SFM) reports this. The reason for the delay is the negotiations about a new collective labor agreement for healthcare transport and taxi, on which no final agreement has yet been reached.

“In order to give the parties to the collective agreement as much time as possible to reach an agreement, the sounding board group has decided to extend the adoption and publication of the NEA index to 13 November,” SFM reports. The sounding board group includes representatives of the national Platform for Clients Target Group Transport, transporters and trade unions.

Macro Economic Surveys If the parties to the collective agreement do not reach a negotiated result before 13 November, the wage component in the index is set at based on the average wage increase, as stated in the Macro Economic Outlook. This increase is 3.9 percent. The NEA index for 19 then comes to approximately 11, 3 percent. “Based on the current talks between unions and employers, it cannot be ruled out that the wage increase will be substantially more than 3.9 percent, so that with an NEA index between 15 and 13 percent must be taken into account ” according to SFM. The exact percentage of the index will be announced on 13 November.

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