Some people do not dare to walk along the Nadine Gordimerlaan in the evening, while walking the dog 16 to walk. Not so strange, because there body parts come out of the ground, spider silk hangs and strange noises come from the garden. In Vroondaal they are doing well this Halloween!

During the day it is already exciting to enter Kim and Yoshi’s garden. We are greeted by the Bride of Death, the Joker and the Devil. Scary creatures appear from all corners of the garden and kitchen.


We interview Kim, dressed as a bride, at a dining table full of cobwebs. Around us a room full of scary dolls and body parts. They will be put in the right place later this week. And 3-year-old son Kenzo just walks around with a severed hand or leg.

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Kim and Yoshi living with two children (3 and 2 years) and three dogs, just three months in the new neighborhood Vroondaal. Before that, they had a house in Kwintsheul and they lived at the Roompot holiday park on Kijkduin for a few months. Only a few streets have been completed in this part of the district. “It was exciting for a while whether the paving stones would be in place in time for Halloween,” Kim says.

“We lived here ‘normally’ for two weeks and then we started with Halloween. And that got a little out of hand.” The couple went to party shops with their eldest son Kenzo in search of cool Halloween stuff, from Amsterdam to Dronten and The Hague. “Kenzo chooses the dolls, his favorite is a girl in a cage. My 2 year old waves at all the dolls every day.”

Get out of control

If there is something to celebrate, from birthdays to holidays, this family goes big with fancy dress parties, pools and bouncy castles. “Four years ago we were on vacation in America. Every branch of party store Spirit there was all about Halloween and they go very far with that. So then we were already itching to do something with it at home.”

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In Kwintsheul, Halloween was already unpacked, but now that they have the space they are going wild. “Those dolls cost a bit, it’s really gotten a bit out of hand. Well, if your child likes it, huh…”, says Yoshi. And the couple themselves already have the greatest fun with passers-by who are startled by moving dolls in front of the window. Sometimes they even put on a mask themselves, to scare passers-by.


Monday 29 October the children in Vroondaal go door-to-door for trick or treat, at number 11 they get not just any candy. “There is a red carpet to the ticket box in front of the door. After that, you have to crawl through a big cave to get to the haunted house. Through a corridor with distorting mirrors and scary creatures you enter the garden with a working guillotine, a cemetery where not everyone is dead still and a horror McDonald’s clown. If you survive all that, a not-so-cute snow white will give you a bag of fresh popcorn. Then you still have to exit the garden through a dark alley.

“For the younger children we make it less scary. As soon as big kids are at the door, an alarm goes off and then we know we can go wild.” About ten monsters will soon be walking around in the haunted house. “My friend has his own company with six employees, they come to help us. My friend’s father joins in and the neighbors.”

Everyone is welcome to come along. The haunted house is from 10. open until about eight or nine o’clock.

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