Taxi platform Bolt has recently started working with the American insurer INSHUR, allowing drivers to easily take out considerably cheaper taxi insurance online. According to the taxi platform, this is good news for drivers, because insurance can now cost them hundreds to thousands of euros per month.

Car insurance policies are already available for several years in the fixed costs top 3 of taxi drivers. Bolt is a mobility app that aims to offer an alternative to private car use. Thanks to the collaboration with INSHUR, the taxi platform is able to reduce insurance rates by introducing 30 day and annual policies at competitive prices.

Press the button Drivers who have installed the app can choose from liability insurance or full hull and calculate their premium at the push of a button. They can then complete a digital questionnaire, pay and arrange the monthly premium collection by telephone. After that, they will immediately receive all insurance documents, including the green card, by e-mail.


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