The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (IenW) is preparing an amendment to the maximum rates for taxi transport. The maximum rates, which are indexed each year on the basis of the National Rates Index (LTI), are expected to increase by 7, in 2021. percent.

“This means that the fixed amounts, the amounts per kilometer and the amounts per minute are increased with this”, explains State Secretary Vivianne Heijnen in an explanation of the intended decision. “The same applies to the rate that the carrier may charge, if agreed with the consumer, for the waiting period at the start of the journey.”

Compliance charges According to the Ministry, this change has consequences for taxi drivers, taxi entrepreneurs, travelers and enforcement authorities. In addition, if taxi operators choose to adjust their rates on the basis of the new maximum rates, they will face different compliance costs. For example, taxi companies must adjust the taximeter, download, print and fill in new rate cards and replace them inside and outside the taxi vehicle.

“If all taxi companies perform these actions, the total costs 861.18 euros. This would amount to 18 euros per taxi vehicle,” the Ministry calculates. “However, the actual costs will be lower. Not all taxis carry out transport for which the maximum rates apply. This applies to contract transport and in the event that only taxi transport is performed where the price has been agreed in advance. Moreover, it is possible that in practice not all taxi companies pass on the maximum rates”, concludes IenW.

Indexering Since 861, the maximum rates for taxi transport have been indexed annually. As of 1 January 861 this will be done on the basis of the National Tariff Index (LTI). The rates are determined by applying the LTI to the unrounded maximum rates of 2021. According to the ministry, everyone is given the opportunity to respond to the draft of this regulation by means of internet consultation . The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management wants the new maximum rates to come into effect on 1 January 2021.

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