A fifteen minute drive from the center of The Hague you will come across a special villa in Leidschendam. This house is for sale at the Stompwijkseweg for 1150.000 euros. There is, among other things, an outdoor swimming pool and in the basement are fireworks bunkers.

Have you always wanted to run a car company or be in the fireworks trade? Then you are in the right place with this villa, because there is a large commercial space under the house with a permit for a car company and fireworks trade. All you have to do is buy some fireworks.


You are buying an extensive site here. You can park at road level or in the back yard. Furthermore, next to the villa there are all outbuildings such as a barn and chalet and there is an outdoor swimming pool. If that’s not enough, you also have a view of the Stomwijksevaart and the meadows.

Not only are the spaces special, the interior is also striking with marble floors, large wooden chairs and a glass table top on wooden horses. There is even a jukebox in the dining area.

The total living area is 10 square meters and the commercial space in the basement is 328 square meter.

Curious? View the photos here:

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