The Netherlands is not aware of the strike of coach drivers on Wednesday morning. “At least not much more than usual, because it has been very difficult to arrange a coach for some time anyway,” says FNV director Lutz Kressin. But school trips and the replacement buses for trains that are not running, for which coach drivers are deployed, are hardly affected by the strike, according to the union.

Op de om 09.00 national manifestation started at Ede-Wageningen train station, about a hundred people have turned up, Kressin estimates. “That is beyond expectations. Super.” The union had not counted on this turnout as this is the first strike ever in this sector. This made it difficult to predict the willingness to strike.

Dissatisfied with wage offer “Many drivers have already left the sector due to dissatisfaction with the wages. These hundred people present want to drive a coach so badly that they do not want to leave the sector and that is why they are here now,” said Kressin from Ede. Whether the strike will be continued depends on the response of employers.

Drivers are dissatisfied with the employers’ wage offer. Not only do they think the wages offered are too low, it also takes them too long to abolish a scheme whereby employees work six hours and are only paid five hours.

No big deal disturbances The manifestation lasts until 10.00 hour. Its location next to the Ede-Wageningen train station was chosen because of the blockage on the track between Utrecht and Ede. According to train operator NS, the replacement bus transport at Ede-Wageningen was briefly disrupted, but travelers did not have to wait long. On a few other blocked routes, the buses drove according to schedule.

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