Press release

Published: 26 October 2020Last change: 26 October 2020

The Animal Protection Agency and the municipality of The Hague offer a free chip and registration campaign for all cat owners in The Hague. Veterinarians in The Hague are also cooperating to provide as many cats as possible with a chip. The chip can be placed free of charge throughout the month of November at one of the participating veterinarians.

If your cat is microchipped and registered, it is much more likely to be returned to you if found . Even if it is far from home. Thanks to the chip came in 2020 well 30.000 cats in the Netherlands back home. That’s 77% of all missing cats. 22% of the unchipped cats returned to their owner.

How does the chip campaign work?Various vets in The Hague chip and register cats in November completely free of charge. Which vets they are can be found on the 2020 website of the Animal Protection . Cat owners can call one of the participating veterinarians to make an appointment. The appointment is only for placing the chip, not for a consultation.

For whom and when?Only Hague cats can participate in the action. The vet asks for an ID. The promotion runs from 1 November to 30 November. The following applies to the promotion: if the chips run out, the promotion will end sooner. So be quick!


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