Autumn has started in full: the time of discolored leaves, showers and sweaters, dresses and of course stew! Culinary advisor Jort van gives three important tips and read continue quickly to see how you can win a butcher gift voucher!

Jort Heijmans from is a meat specialist. This website tells you everything you want to know about meat. Think of the tastiest recipes, tips & tricks about preparing and storing meat, it is packed with background information and news. For example, you can also read useful tips if you want to make stew.

There are the most delicious recipes for tasty stew. Jort mentions three important tips that will always make your favorite stew recipe work and make it even tastier.

Budget-friendly, easy and delicious

Beef stew has many advantages. It is not only tasty, but also budget-friendly. Jort: “You usually make a classic stew dish with candied beef or ribs. That is not such expensive meat, but very tasty to stew. Moreover, you can make it in larger quantities at the same time, for a next meal.”

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You really don’t have to be a kitchen prince or princess to prepare pot roast. “It’s actually quite easy, you just have to have a little patience for it”, laughs Jort. “You have to spend at least three hours for it, but it won’t cost you to get it on the table. The meat expert mentions three things you should take into account for the best, most tender and therefore tasty result.

1. Always keep the lid completely on the pan

“It is important that you always keep the lid completely on the pan. So never stew without a lid, and no, don’t leave a crack open either,” says Jort. “The meat should also be just completely submerged in the liquid. Everything that rises above it will dry up. The more moisture that escapes, the tougher the meat becomes. If you just leave the lid on the pan, as little moisture as possible can evaporate.”

2. Add warm liquid

If you make stew meat, first fry the meat in the pan and then add liquid. That can be just water, but beer, wine or stock is more fun and tastier. “The liquid you add must be warm by then,” Jort says. “You shouldn’t ‘scare’ the meat. If you add cold liquid, the temperature of the meat will drop. You don’t want that! So first warm up your stock separately and then pour it with the seared meat.” Extra tip: don’t add beer until the last 10 minutes, that prevents a bitter taste!

3. Let your stew rest

Stew is also a matter of patience. This also applies to Jort’s last tip: let your meat ‘rest’ in the liquid for a while. “When you cook steak, you should always let your piece of meat rest for about two to five minutes. That way, the meat can recover from the heat for a while, so to speak, and the meat juices soak well into the meat,” says Jort. “That also applies to stew. When you remove the pan from the heat or from the oven, let it stand in the liquid for a while. This way, a little more of the tasty moisture is absorbed into the meat.”

The following also applies: the longer the better. That is why, according to Jort, it is best to make your stew a day in advance. “After a day, your stew tastes even better. As it cools, even more moisture is absorbed. Put it in the fridge overnight and warm it up very gently the next day. That’s the best.”

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