RMC takes over Maasstad’s activities in the Drechtsteden. Photo: TaxiPro

RMC will be the new student and youth transporter in Dordrecht and the surrounding area. From 1 November, the Rotterdam transport company will take over from Maasstad Regie Centrale (MRC), which operated under the banner of mobility platform Stroomlijn. Maasstad announced this month that it would stop due to economic circumstances.

The municipality of Dordrecht is pleased that Stroomlijn has found a new carrier. “The continuity of transport for student and youth transport was a top priority last week,” a spokesperson for the municipality said. “Streamlijn has done everything possible on behalf of the municipalities to contract a new carrier. We are very happy with that. After the autumn holidays, children can simply be taken to school or their daytime activities.”

Shock reaction In mid-October, Maasstad announced that they would cease all their activities due to economic circumstances. As a result, mobility platform Stroomlijn, which is responsible for special transport in the Drechtsteden, was suddenly without a carrier. “The news naturally caused a shock reaction,” said Rob Oosterbaan of Stroomlijn at the time . “With Maasstad, we lose a pleasant cooperation partner. We are very sorry that they are discontinuing it.”

In the meantime, Stroomlijn and RMC have brought in a replacement for Maasstad. “We are pleased that a carrier has emerged that wants to take over Maasstad’s tasks,” says Oosterbaan. “The most important thing is of course that the children can go back to school after the autumn holidays. We have been working hard behind the scenes to find a suitable replacement. Fortunately, we succeeded.”

Huge job Although Stroomlijn has now brought in a replacement for Maasstad, Oosterbaan realizes that there is still plenty of work to be done. “Obviously, from an organizational point of view, it is an enormous job to take over all the work in such a short time. You are talking about the transfer of work, but also about the implementation of data. And the systems must also connect well to each other.”

“This is indeed a huge job”, agrees RMC director Gerry Oosterbaan. “It concerns about 14 children who have to be taken to school every day. You need vehicles and drivers for that. All of this has to be accomplished within a week. Fortunately, the autumn break offers a solution, because then the transport will of course come to a halt.”

Soft landing RMC is therefore currently busy arranging sufficient vehicles and drivers for next week. “And then it will work. All drivers who are currently still driving for Maasstad come to us. We can simply carry out this transport. Look, if something is impossible, we don’t start it. In this case we think it is possible. Transporter Maasstad cooperates well to ensure a soft landing, as they call it. That collaboration is going well. We are confident that it will work,” concludes Gerry Oosterbaan.

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