During the taxi protest last month, three hundred taxi drivers were present.Photo: Matthias Vanheerentals

New protests are on the agenda against the American taxi platform Uber in Brussels. The European Trade Union Confederation, an umbrella organization of European trade unions, is taking action this Tuesday in front of the European Parliament, reports the Belgian newspaper Het Laatste News (HLN).

A hearing on the Uber Files will take place today in the European Parliament. Investigative journalists exposed that Uber had an aggressive lobbying strategy. In addition, the situation and position of Uber drivers will also be discussed during this hearing. “The hearing should clarify to what extent that strategy has had an impact on the working conditions and rights of the people who work on the Uber platform,” writes the Belgian newspaper.

Historic deal A salient detail is that the Belgian transport union ABVV-BTB is also participating in the protest. Last week, the Belgian union announced that it had concluded a ‘historic deal’ with the American taxi platform. The ABVV-BTB will collaborate with Uber on topics relevant to platform work, including the experience of working with the Uber app, and the health and safety of drivers, both parties announced at the time. According to them, the aim of this collaboration is to improve the working conditions of drivers.

Not the first protest This is not the first time protests against Uber have taken place in Brussels. Last month, about three hundred taxi drivers gathered in the Belgian capital, to protest against the American taxi platform. At the time, the activists asked politicians to do more with the findings from the Uber Files.

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