E-bikes should reduce the pressure on student transport. Photo to illustrate.Photo: Pixabay/Ivan Ilijas

The municipality of Amersfoort, together with the Axia-College and De Have Kennisdelers, has started the project called ‘Snelbinders’. This project is intended to offer pupils, who are still often dependent on a taxi for school transport, the opportunity to cycle independently to and from school by e-bike. The municipality hopes in this way to reduce the pressure on student transport.

“The taxi industry is struggling with enormous staff shortages, which puts pressure on the implementation of student transport and travel times can take longer than usual,” the municipality of Amersfoort writes on its website. “With Snelbinders, students gain more independence and the pressure on student transport decreases.” In addition to the municipality of Amersfoort, Baarn, Bunschoten, Leusden, Soest and Woudenberg are also participating in the project.

Eigenkracht In addition to the hope that ‘Snelbinders’ will reduce the pressure on student transport, the municipalities also believe it is important that students learn to go to school independently. “Snelbinders is based on the strength of students and the will to be able to travel independently. Cycling on an e-bike is also healthy and gives you the freedom to go to sports or friends independently.”

Students first follow a course before using the e-bike. In addition, assistance is always available, in case the students break down on the road, for example. If they are careful with the bicycle, they can keep it after four years.

Certificates Alderman Nadya Aboyaakoub-Akkouh (Education) has announced on Wednesday 10 October awarded the e-bike including certificate and accessories (rain poncho, saddle cover and helmet) to the first group of ten students. In November the second group of 10 students will start with the course.

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