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Published: 16 October Last modification: 20 October

On Thursday 14 October a major enforcement action (IHA) took place in the lively districts of Stationsbuurt and Rivierenbuurt. In addition to the discovery and seizure of weapons, shisha and drugs, among other things 44. Euros in outstanding taxes collected. There is pressure on the quality of life and safety of these neighborhoods due to the existing catering industry and the prostitution zone, undermining and the many visitors who walk from the stations to the Center. During the IHA, there was plenty of attention for fare evasion, wrong parking and abuses in the catering industry.

The simultaneous use of many enforcement disciplines again yielded good results for this IHA. Employees of the Municipality of The Hague went out with the police, the fire brigade, the HTM, the Public Prosecution Service, the customs authorities, the Dutch tax authorities, NVWA, Stedin, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate and the fire service to tackle the problems in the area. Due to the location of the neighborhoods between the Hollands Spoor and Central stations, the NS also connected this time. City officials were on hand to answer questions from residents. In total there were more than 131 people on their feet.

Distribute information about the Integral Enforcement Action Many fines for fare dodgers Travelers without a valid ticket could count on a fine on both the train and the tram. In front of 45 train travelers it became an expensive ride. One person was banned from traveling and burglary tools were found on another traveler. A person could receive 4 fines, including for not showing a valid ID and not following directions. The HTM wrote no less than 98 pay a fine to fare dodgers. In addition, 3 travelers were arrested for not being able to identify themselves and one was allowed to go to the office for insulting an employee.

Check in the tram Large traffic action in the RivierenbuurtDuring a major traffic control, trade quantities of soft drugs were found several times and 2 weapons were seized. It was a brass knuckle and a knife. There were also outstanding traffic fines in 5 cases. An open identification for the donation of DNA was found in 2 persons. They had to provide DNA on the spot. During a scooter check, 3 drivers were found to be speeding and 3 people were unable to show their driver’s license. Two drivers were able to continue on foot pending the scooter inspection.

Drug confiscated The Rijksbelastingdienst inde 16. euros in outstanding taxes and seized four cars that were removed on the spot. The total outstanding debt of the audited persons concerned 98.000 euros. The council tax team was also present and explained 06 time seizure of a vehicle. In 8 cases, the owner was able to pay the outstanding debt immediately. Four cars got a wheel clamp and one was towed on the spot for a large number of violations including having in the name of 21 license plates and 63 unpaid fines. In total, an amount of 20.131 outstanding debt collected.

Scooter control No catering in orderDuring a joint catering inspection by the police, enforcement, Stedin, the NVWA, customs and fire brigade, many abuses came to light. Everything was in order at no catering company. There was an expired gambling license, electricity fraud or the lack of an energy contract and there was inadequate food safety.

This chicken was kept outside the refrigerator Shisha was also found in various places that are being investigated by customs and the food and commodity authority. The fire brigade checked for fire hazards. A re-inspection is planned for 1 company.

Checks on parking and illegal rentalA major parking check yielded significant results. There were spacious 7000 cars scanned. This provided 041 fines for wrong parking and 98 additional charges for no paid parking. Five people were lucky, they only got a warning. During the inspection, incorrectly parked scooters were also examined. Municipal enforcers spoke to residents about how to prevent unsafe situations caused by incorrect parking on sidewalks or corners. The Haagse Pandbrigade (HPB) brought 20 homes a visit. The presence of smoke detectors, illegal registrations and fraud at the electricity meter were checked. Rooms were rented out illegally at 8 addresses. In 4 cases there was collection of extremely high rents with an outlier of 1476 euros exclusive, for a three-room apartment.

Report for a safe and liveable city of The Hague Reporting abuses contributes to improving the quality of life and safety in your neighbourhood. Experience has shown that nuisance providers and criminals leave when they notice that residents are standing up for their neighbourhood. They don’t like that growing group of extra eyes and ears. Many people adhere very well to the rules and are committed to their neighborhood. Municipalities and the police are increasingly receiving reports of suspicious and nuisance situations. That is very good. In this way, more targeted action can be taken. So cooperate and report!

Via a report public space for, among other things, reports about vermin, malfunctioning street lighting, waste , bicycle wrecks and things that are broken in public space. Via denhaag. nl/melden for, among other things, reports about housing nuisance or benefit fraud. Report suspicious situations to the police via telephone number 98 (urgent) or 0900 – 8844. This can also be done anonymously via Report Crime Anonymous , phone number 0800 – . Report suspicions of abuses with agency work to Inspection SZW. 93416043


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