These two champs arrived separately from each other in the shelter of the animal center in The Hague. There they befriended each other and they are looking for a new owner together. Do you have room for this sweet couple?

Bello is 4 years old and Fargo is 2 years old. They’re both tabby white, Bello has a nice white stripe across his nose, and they’re kind of cut from the same cloth. The tomcats are shy if they don’t know you yet, but they do like petting once the ice is broken. And they know one thing for sure, they are friends for life.

New owner

Do you have room for two and can they be with you for the rest of their lives? At the shelter they noticed that the males like to be outside, so a garden is a must. Furthermore, you first have to let them get used to it with lots of TLC and tasty snacks. In the end, you get twice as much love in return.

Interested in this sweet couple? Mail to , state your family situation, whether you have had cats before, any other pets and don’t forget to include your phone number. In the subject you put BELLO AND FARGO.

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