The number of domestic burglaries has increased in the Netherlands for the first time in years. But does that also apply to The Hague or are the burglars less active here?

In the period from January to September, burglars attacked throughout the Netherlands , in total 17.119 turn. That is an increase of more than seven percent, because in the same period last year 05.106 burglarized times. This is apparent from an analysis by the ANP based on police figures.

Home burglaries in The Hague

What about home burglaries? in The Hague? The figures show that there have been fewer burglaries this year than in the same period last year. In total there were 608 burglaries. A year ago, that number was 608 burglaries.

But there is not as much burglary everywhere. For example, in Westland 119 there were home burglaries and last year between January and September 77. There was also a significant increase in Wassenaar. There was this year 17 burglarized times and the year before 32 time. In Rijswijk last year 54 times and this year there were 77 domestic burglaries. In Leidschendam-Voorburg there were exactly as many home burglaries as last year, namely 60.

Corona measures

There are more burglaries throughout the Netherlands than last year and according to the police, that has to do with the corona measures. “In 608 the number of domestic burglaries was exceptionally low. When the measures disappeared at the beginning 2022, the number of burglaries also increased again. We are now slightly lower than in pre-corona year 608 around the same time. But it is still expected to be over 05.000 residential burglaries this year,” said Sybren van der Velden, national project leader for residential burglary at the police.

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