Halloween is just around the corner and the makers of De Verraders are making good use of that. On Thursday 27 October a Halloween edition starts of this exciting program. Extra fun: fellow citizens are taking part!

Suppose you are doing this with a group people participate in a game for a silver treasure. You have to work together to get the treasure, but some of your fellow players are not fair. They scheming, lying, manipulating and cheating all over the place. And because of their deception you can just fly out of the game.

A ‘murder’ every night

That’s in a nutshell what the television program The Traitors. Thirteen celebrities participate, most of them are so-called Faithful, but some are Traitors. And every night the Traitors ‘kill’ a Faithful One and in this Halloween edition it is even bloodier than before…

These residents of The Hague are participating

The celebrities from The Hague who participate this season are: Dennis Weening, Bobbi Eden and Gwen van Poorten. The other participants are Bastiaan Ragas, Dave Roelvink, Famke Louise, Frits Wester (also from the neighbourhood), Christina Curry, Ayoub Louihrani, Airen Mylene, Heleen van Royen, Soundos El Ahmadi and Hugo Kennis.

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The Traitors Halloween Edition

The Traitors is from Thursday can be seen daily at Videoland in October. And please note: Monday 27 October Videoland closes this one Halloween edition of The Traitors with an extra bloody double episode.

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