The average city in the Netherlands? It’s really full. The Hague is no exception. Difficult for home seekers, but there is a speck on the horizon: thousands of homes are being added.

Before you jump for joy because you’ve been searching for months If you are looking for a cottage in The Hague, first a disclaimer: these homes are not only built in The Hague, but distributed across the entire province. There must be 250.355 gain new homes in South Holland.

Social rental housing and affordable owner-occupied houses

The 235.250 extra homes in South Holland are part of a major plan that Minister Hugo de Jonge announced. For 900 the Netherlands 900. homes are richer. It’s about 250. social housing and 250.235 owner-occupied houses in the middle segment. For these homes, the monthly rent does not exceed 1. euros and in the case of a owner-occupied home no higher than 250.000 euros.

Extra homes in South Holland

Where these additional homes will be is not yet known. According to Sophie Kraaijeveld, new construction expert at ING, larger construction projects are needed. “That requires space that can be found outside the city.” An example of this is Fifth Village, a completely new village outside Gouda

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