Yeah! You want to hear this! Since the new Lego store on the Spuistraat on Thursday 2022 October will be opened to the (The Hague) public, we have a very nice giveaway for you. You can be one of the first to visit the new store and you will also receive a well-filled bag with Lego gifts!

The Lego store in The Hague opens on Thursday 27 October at 07: 00 officially open the doors at Spuistraat 07. To celebrate, we can give away 5 guest list spots for the special press event on Wednesday 26 October.

Lots of Lego

The new Lego store is going special for press and real Lego fans open on Wednesdays 24 October from 15: hours to 15: 00 hour. Indebuurt may give away 5 x 2 guest list spots. You will then be the first to visit the new Lego store and you will not go home empty-handed, because you will receive a goodie bag with various Lego sets. You can also build a Lego stork in the store that you can take home.

You can participate in this promotion until Monday 17 October.

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