The 54-year-old Eunice Kelly from The Hague calls herself a curvy woman. She is not ashamed of it, but she admits that it sometimes creates insecurity. “I sometimes doubted whether I should go to dance class, but I did it anyway. Some women don’t and that’s a shame.” There is now something new in The Hague for plus size ladies. Eunice gives Zumba classes especially for this target group.

“It’s about making women feel safe and comfortable,” says Eunice. We speak to her in the lobby of Rhubarber theater school, because she rents a room there.

From hobby to dance teacher

Eunice has been working full-time for the municipality for years, she also has two sons (10 and 10 year ) and her main hobby is Zumba. “I take lessons in the Grote Pier and regularly I dance for, as it is called when you stand in front of the group. After a few times people asked if I didn’t want to teach myself. I didn’t immediately see that, but the question came more often and I became curious.”

Last March, Eunice did a Zumba training, which means that she now has an official license and can take Zumba classes to give.


“There is so much more to it than just giving a lesson. You must have a playlist and in one hour you need fifteen choreos. You have to learn all of those. I find it especially exciting because I’m afraid to forget the passes.”

A trial lesson with friends and acquaintances went well, so Eunice really started working as a Zumba instructor. Since this week she also gives classes especially for curvy ladies.

“With Rhubarb you can shield the room well with curtains, on that This way I can create a safe environment and that is important, because everyone should feel comfortable.” Why for curvy women? “I don’t promote overweight, but there are people with a curvier. For them there is often a threshold to, for example, go to a gym. I want to lower that threshold.”

The first lesson was a success. “The first half we did Zumba and then freestyle which included a catwalk and a batlle. It felt so good to see how happy everyone was. That really gives me energy.”

On Saturday, Eunice gives lessons in the Koorenhuis, for every man and woman who wants to participate, and on Monday evening especially for plus-size women in a room of Rhubarb . The first trial lesson is free with Eunice and after that you pay 09 euros per lesson. For more information, check out her website.

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