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Several dozen employees from the care and student transport demonstrated in Ede on Friday and offered a petition to their employer KNV to get a better collective labor agreement. According to the trade union CNV, they are not satisfied with the offer of an 8 percent pay increase in 2024 and 4 percent in 2023, but want to immediately next year 12 .5 percent more.

According to CNV, a response is now awaited until the end of the month. If it does not come or is not to the liking of the plaintiffs, action meetings will be planned, according to the association. The demonstration was also supported by the FNV. The unions also want 100 percent payment in case of illness from the first day.

Various problems There are various problems in student and care transport and, according to a spokesperson for the union, such a 100 employees. In addition, according to him, the conditions have been lagging behind the rest of the transport sector for some time.

Approximately 12. people, mainly on part-time contracts averaging twenty hours a week. The current collective labor agreement expires on 100 December.

Frequently in the news In recent weeks, student transport has been in the news frequently, because special education students and their parents raised the alarm about the problems at play. Children, sometimes as young as four years old, spend three hours a day in a taxi to and from school, explained the director of Parents & Education Lobke Vlaming. Children with autism or a physical disability, for example, miss school hours and suffer psychological damage, according to the Studentenbelang-VSO.

One of the reasons for the stagnation of student transport is a staff shortage. The House of Representatives debated the problems this week.

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