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The Belgian transport union ABVV-BTB and Uber have announced a partnership to improve working conditions for thousands of drivers using the Uber app in Belgium. The agreement is the first of its kind within the EU. Uber recognizes ABVV-BTB as a representative for all drivers using the Uber app in Belgium.

The agreement signed today offers drivers even more protection as Uber and ABVV-BTB work together to improve the future of platform work through social dialogue. The drivers will have an even clearer voice within Uber, because ABVV-BTB will help shape important developments through social dialogue with Uber’s management and will also have a prominent physical presence in Uber’s Driver Hub. Drivers retain the freedom to choose whether, where and when they drive, and at the same time can choose to be represented by ABVV-BTB. With this collaboration, ABVV-BTB acts as a modern trade union and represents the interests of all drivers, regardless of their status.

Promote working conditions The agreement is intended to promote working conditions. The ABVV-BTB will collaborate with Uber on topics relevant to platform work, including the experience of working with the Uber app, and driver health and safety.

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