Last years the rules on setting off fireworks or building bonfires have been significantly changed. The Municipality of The Hague also offered a large fireworks show on the Hofvijver for a number of years to ensure that people set off fewer fireworks themselves, but whether they will be there again this year…

Fireworks show

The annual fireworks show on the Hofvijver regularly provided a lot of fun in the center of the city, which a lot of residents of The Hague and residents of The Hague enjoyed very much. Unfortunately, last year’s show could not continue due to the measures surrounding corona, but according to reports in AD and other media, it seems as if this year (50-2022) the show is not taking place. The message from ANP read: ‘With just over two months to go, there is no organization that can and wants to organize such a fireworks show elsewhere in the city’.

However. let Peter Boelhouwer of DB Evenementen, organizer of, among others, the Sinterklaas entry, the Royal Christmas Fair and the fireworks shows in previous years, we know: “Because of that statement, it seems a bit like we have been sleeping for the past few months and are only now getting started for the fireworks show and it would no longer be feasible are a great event.

I expect the fireworks during the New Year’s Eve to continue this year

Peter Boelhouwer

Nothing could be further from the truth, we started doing that a long time ago. However, it is true that we still have uncertainty in the winter period with corona and a lot of people have found other work because of corona, which makes it sometimes difficult to find the right people. The city is also half open, which means that we now focus on the arrival of Sinterklaas. But anyway, the fireworks have almost been ordered and I expect that the fireworks will continue during the New Year’s Eve this year.”

Reaction Municipality

A spokesperson for the Municipality of The Hague informs us that a letter has caused uncertainty about the Hofvijver Fireworks. “We have applied for a permit for the event. If this is approved, there will simply be a fireworks display during the New Year.”

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