A few years ago we interviewed Peter, aka De Kalknagelkoning. For years, he has seen people in his practice enter the house full of shame – “it is really bad…” – and then leave with confidence. Business is now going so well that De Kalknagelkoning is expanding abroad. That name is of course impossible there, so the company will henceforth be known as TipToe. Peter tells us more.

For example, together with various partners, he recently developed four products that are suitable for a wide range of consumers in the Netherlands and abroad. revolutionize fungal nails.

Body’s own substance

The active substance – an amino acid – is not only effective , but also of course. It is in everyone’s mouth and eyes, and protects you against viruses and bacteria. The great thing about the fact that it is a body-specific substance is that it can be safely used by anyone from the age of three. The microbiologist who found out that this substance also kills athlete’s foot is now involved in TipToe. In collaboration they have developed four effective products:

  • TipToe Nail Drops
  • TipToe Clean Your Shoes
    • TipToe Protect Your Feet

    • TipToe Care Foam

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    TipToe producten Care FoamTipToe Care Foam | Photo: TipToe

    Explanation of the four products

    The TipToe Nail Drops form the basis of the fungal nail treatment. You put it on your nails in the morning and in the evening. TipToe Clean Your Shoes is – you guessed it – a shoe spray. This kills the fungi in your shoes to prevent reinfection. The TipToe Protect Your Feet spray disinfects your feet after, for example, a visit to the swimming pool or sauna, while you use the TipToe Care Foam used as a precaution. This mousse puts a protective shield around your skin, as it were, which prevents you from contracting fungi again. Ideal if you have to walk barefoot in a public space, such as a hotel or yoga studio.

    Treatments in Scheveningen and Capelle

    Also good to know: TipToe has moved to a building a little further away. You will find the brand new TipToe practice in Capelle aan den IJssel, on the Kanaalweg 30 (a shop-in-shop in a large thrift store, with its own entrance). Peter himself is less and less in practice; the treatments are now mainly performed by medical pedicure Miranda. In Scheveningen you can also be treated according to the TipToe method, by Yvonne Stappers. She works from Full Beauty Clinics, at the Stevinstraat 49.

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    Yvonne Stappers | Photo: TipToe

    Success stories

    The intake is free and without obligation at both locations. You can sign up here. Good to know: the team has recently been expanded to include a doctor who – in more severe cases – can also prescribe topical antibiotics. You can read success stories of people treated by Peter here. Would you rather see the result with your own eyes? Then view the before-and-after photos.

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    More and more franchisers at home and abroad

  • In the coming period, more and more pedicures will follow throughout the Netherlands and abroad who can perform the TipToe treatment and where you can purchase the products for home. A distinction is made between salons that use TipToe products and real TipToe salons, where – in more serious cases – treatments are also performed with special lamps. Are you interested in offering this method yourself? Then you can 19113044 register as a franchisee.

    Do you suffer from fungal nails, and would you like to get rid of them? Sign up for a free, no-obligation intake interview, including advice. You can go quickly. Open 30 October, TipToe will be at the Pedicure fair in Houten.


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