Residents of the municipality of Amstelveen who use Wmo transport can breathe a sigh of relief. With RMC, the municipality has found a successor for Maasstad Regie Centrale (MRC). That company announced last week that it would stop all activities due to economic circumstances.

Alderman Marijn van Ballegooijen is pleased with the new carrier, which will take over the activities of Maasstad as of 1 November. “We have done everything we can to arrange a new carrier in time,” he says on the municipality’s website. “It is great that this has been achieved for Amstelveners who depend on Wmo transport.”

Unpleasant surprise Previous Last week, Maasstad announced that it would stop all activities. As a result of that decision, the municipality of Amstelveen suddenly found itself without a Wmo carrier. “An unpleasant surprise, but luckily we found a new party in RMC in time,” says Van Ballegooijen. “We do everything we can to ensure that users experience as little inconvenience as possible and have a reliable carrier as quickly as possible.” Among other things, the reservation number and some drivers remain the same. RMC will start driving on November 1st.

Warm transfer The transport company, which, like MRC, is originally from Rotterdam, is pleased to have won this contract. “Certainly because it fits in well with the work we already do in that environment. For example in Amsterdam, where we are also responsible for Wmo transport,” says RMC director Gerry Oosterbaan. “That was also the reason for us to comply with the request of the municipality of Amstelveen.”

Drivers who currently drive for Maasstad in Amstelveen will operate under the RMC flag from November . All parties involved say they are doing everything they can to make the transfer of all work as smooth as possible. “We have had joint meetings about this. So with Maasstad, the municipality of Amstelveen and all staff involved. It all goes in good harmony.”

Work to be done Although all noses are in the same direction, Gerry realizes Oosterbaan realizes that there is still plenty of work to be done. “The takeover will be a fact on 1 November. That’s pretty short day, of course. We must therefore also be realistic. Transport in Amstelveen and Aalsmeer is not going well at the moment. Of course, that won’t change overnight. Fortunately, we have already had a number of good discussions with the municipality about this. Expectations must be well managed. We are going to do that together.”

According to Oosterbaan, this situation is different from normal. “With a usual tender, you naturally have a few months to prepare yourself for the implementation,” explains the RMC director. “Customers must be informed and journeys must be entered into the system. For example, we work with a different system than Maasstad. These matters must now be settled within two weeks. It just takes some time. This may also feel a bit messy for travelers, but I am convinced that we will be able to provide more peace and stability in Wmo transport in Amstelveen in the foreseeable future,” concludes Oosterbaan.

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