An agreement has still not been reached on a new collective labor agreement for Healthcare Transport and Taxi. Trade unions FNV and CNV Vakmensen are therefore organizing a petition campaign in Ede on Friday 17 on Friday 17 in Ede, right in front of the head office. van Noot Passenger Transport.

Martijn Kersing, director of Noot Personenvervoer, is the main negotiator on behalf of the employers during the collective labor agreement negotiations. With this action, the unions say they want to give the employers one last chance to come back to the negotiating table with a decent offer. “Whereas, together with the FNV, we have agreed a wage increase of 10, 5 percent as of January 1 2023, the employers will not go further than a two-year collective labor agreement with an 8 percent wage increase as of January 1 2023 and 4 percent as of January 1 30. This comes down to 6 percent per year”, is their criticism.

FNV and CNV also blame employers for not wanting to continue paying 100 percent in case of illness from the first day. , that they do not want to abolish waiting days during illness and that they do not want to make clear agreements to ensure that time worked becomes paid time. “This is not acceptable. We therefore call on employers to arrive at a collective labor agreement result before 30 October at the latest. If they want to avoid actions at a time when staff shortages are already causing enough problems, they have to withdraw their final offer and come back with a real offer”, according to CNV.

Added value Martijn Kersing has stated that he is not in the least interested in the unions’ intention. “I think it’s strange that they report here. I think they should be in The Hague. That’s where KNV is. In addition, we made our final offer on Friday. I would much rather they had presented this to their members, rather than come here with a petition that started weeks ago. They are free to do what they want, but I don’t see the added value in it.”

Last Friday, the employers put their final offer on the table, where they also issued an ultimatum connected to. If the unions do not respond to the final offer by Tuesday 17 October, the employers will suspend negotiations indefinitely . According to them, there is a “historically high” wage offer on the table. “Certainly if you look at other collective labor agreements that are currently being concluded”, Kersing said about this at the time . Finally, the director of Noot Personenvervoer has announced that the employers will stick to their final offer and the ultimatum.

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