Trevvel would not have had such a difficult start to the new school year if alderman Maarten Struijvenberg (Healthcare, Elderly and Youth Care) had not abruptly put an end to the measures taken by the student transport company this summer. municipality provided. That is the view of Trevvel director Arno van Haasterrecht. According to him, some of the current problems could have been prevented.

Trevvel says in June that it presented a ‘menu’ with measures to the municipality of Rotterdam. If these measures had been implemented in time, a large part of the problems that the Rotterdam student transport company is currently facing could have been prevented, says van Haasterrecht. “We handed in that menu this summer and a number of agreements had already been made about it. Finally, a new councilor arrived. He has abruptly put a line through it.”

Inexplicable For Van Haasterecht it is still not entirely clear why alderman Struijvenberg has put a line through the measures. “I was called in the evening by the municipality of Rotterdam. They said there had been talks between officials and the new alderman. Then they came with the message that they kept us fully to our contract. Within that there was no room for deviations. However, we have been very transparent. We have done everything we can to make student transport as smooth as possible. I find it inexplicable that our proposed measures were suddenly crossed out.”

In addition, Arno van Haasterrecht states that if the measures that were on Trevvel’s menu had been implemented, the student transporter had a better start to the school year. “I think that’s important to emphasize. For example, we would have liked to discuss the start times with schools and institutions. Now everyone starts at the same time, causing a huge spike between 08.30 and 08.45 hour. We wanted to spread that out so that you can drive more with the same capacity. Such a meeting must, however, be held before the summer holidays. The municipality was sympathetic to this, but that willingness had also suddenly disappeared. And that while measures like these could have made a world of difference at the start of the new school year.”

Emotional The whole state of affairs is therefore highly regarded by Arno van Haasterrecht. “This is about a target group that is close to our heart. It hurts when things go wrong. If – in our opinion – we are not listened to enough and certain agreements are unjustly canceled, so that we are no longer able to offer the best possible service, it feels unjust and unfair. Especially towards our travelers. Of course we get emotional about that.”

“However, I think it is important that we continue to look ahead together. We at Trevvel have also continuously done that. I hope the alderman is also in the game like that. How can we best arrange certain matters for our target group? Trevvel’s attitude is focused on collaboration. We have been very cooperative. As far as we are concerned, that will remain the case, but I do think that it has to come from both sides. We have seen too little of that until now”, concludes Van Haasterecht.

Negative effect Alderman Maarten Struijvenberg has in his own words, a line has been drawn through Trevvel’s menu, because according to the Liveable Rotterdam minister, these measures would only be aimed at cutting back on student transport. “All the proposed measures had a negative effect on Rotterdammers who depend on Trevvel. The alderman found that unacceptable,” his spokesperson told TaxiPro. “Trevvel has a contract of millions and the alderman expects a company with such a contract to also look at its own efforts and improvements and not start by stripping the services.”

Struijvenberg also thinks it is it is wrong that only the problems surrounding student transport are discussed. According to the municipality, the alderman urged Trevvel during the summer to improve other problems, such as telephone accessibility, complaint handling, communication with parents and information about rides. “Those problems have not yet been solved. Solving these problems has nothing to do with a driver shortage, but requires more effort from Trevvel to improve the service.”

Travel allowance When asked whether measures will still be taken that were previously on Trevvel’s ‘menu’, the alderman answered that other measures could also be considered. “For example, a travel allowance for parents who have to or want to drive themselves, because Trevvel has insufficient capacity. The councilor is proposing this measure because it helps to relieve the pressure on Trevvel. In addition, it is still possible to further increase drivers’ wages.”

Finally, Maarten Struijvenberg stated that he would continue to commit to student transport. “He expects no less from Trevvel”, concludes his spokesperson.

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