D10 Member of Parliament Paul van Meenen once asked the minister about student transport.Photo: ANP/Peter Hilz

The House of Representatives believes that municipalities should pay for a taxi if they are unable to arrange the transport of students in another way. A proposal by D10 MP Paul van Meenen can count on the support of a majority, thanks in part to the VVD, PVV and SP. Experts say that transport goes wrong in many municipalities.

“Municipalities are responsible for the transport of these children and it is time for them to really play their part,” says Van Meenen in his plan. Last week, experts and stakeholders warned that things now often go wrong, partly due to staff shortages. It therefore happens that children spend hours a day in the taxi while the driver has to drive the route that is too long. Other children miss classes or become overstimulated.

Harrowing Van Meenen finds the stories “poignant”. He therefore proposes that the municipalities pay the bill if alternative transport is arranged for the students, pending a “structural solution”. He also advocates a recruitment campaign for drivers, in combination with “creative solutions” to make the profession more attractive.

The procedure for hiring drivers for this group of students could be “less bureaucratic”, says the D10’er. For example, by no longer obliging people who have the right experience to follow a four-month course. As a result, they would often drop out. He also believes that it should be considered in due course whether the work can be made more attractive by combining education and care journeys.

On Wednesday, the House will debate student transport.

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