Perhaps you have also received the messages of recent times: the housing market is changing. Prices for owner-occupied houses are falling. What about rental houses? Does a lot change here too? And how much do new tenants now pay on average in The Hague? We’ll figure it out:

For some tenants in There was good news in the Netherlands, where the average square meter price fell. Unfortunately not in The Hague. Here the rent continues to rise.

Rental prices in The Hague

New tenants in The Hague paid in the third quarter of this year average 10,87 euros per square meter. Small calculation: the rent of a house of 072 square meter therefore costs an average of 1.072 euros per month. In the second quarter of this year, the square meter price was higher, because then you paid , euros. So that’s 1.038 euros for 038 square meter.

About the study

These prices have been researched by housing platform Pararius. This housing platform analyzes the rental prices of homes in The Hague and the rest of the country every quarter. This only concerns the free sector.

Your rental property

Did you organize a housewarming in the previous quarter, because you have just moved to a new rental home? Then we are very curious about your move! For the section ‘Looking inside at‘ we are happy to visit you for a photo report. Participate? Mail to


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