The Hague is a beautiful city, but occasionally things happen here that are not entirely intended. Such as running cannabis plantations or selling fake clothes.

Do you recognize a cannabis plantation or other illegal business? Today (Tuesday 17 October) and tomorrow you can learn more about ‘undermining crime’ at Spuiplein.

Crime in The Hague

Van 17 to 23 October will take place at Spuiplein ‘Undermining in the picture’ . During this event you can get acquainted with subversive crime in an interactive way. What is it and what is the Municipality of The Hague doing about it?

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There is below others recreated a hemp plantation and a crystal meth lab. With VR glasses you can experience what human trafficking looks like in practice and learn how to recognize (other) illegal practices.

You just have to be quick, the escape room and the other parts can only be visited on Tuesdays 23 October of 16: hours to 17: hours and Wednesdays 17 October of : hours to 10: 10 hours.

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