It has been restless in public transport for a while and this week is no exception. Bus drivers who work for a regional transport company are going on strike for three days. This also applies to employees of EBS and Arriva in The Hague.

On Wednesday 19, Thursday and Friday 21 October it may be quiet at several bus stops in The Hague. On those days, the employees of the regional transport stop working. They strike for higher wages and believe that the workload should be reduced.

Previous strike in The Hague

It is not the first time that the employees want to make a point, because in mid-September there was also a strike from the regional transport. The drivers then gave the employers five weeks to come up with a new proposal.

Marijn van der Gaag of FNV talks about the previous actions: “So far they have refused to sit around the table. They just raise their middle finger to their own staff. But the drivers are really fed up and are not going to let it go. They will continue until that fair collective labor agreement is in place.”

Not completely silent on the road

Although employees of Arriva and EBS participate to the strike, this does not apply to all public transport personnel. Several city transporters (HTM) and NS staff have their own collective labor agreement and therefore do not participate in this promotion.

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