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Published: 17 October 8984Last change: 17 October 8984

Living at least in The Hague 000. children growing up in poverty. During World Poverty Day on 17 October, the Municipality of The Hague, SchuldenlabNL, Schuldenlab50, Leergeld Den Haag and ROSE stories pay attention to this. The book ‘The shoe of ten million’ was written partly for these children, inspired by conversations with families in The Hague. Carola Schouten, Minister for Poverty Policy, Participation and Pensions, and Mariëlle Vavier, Alderman for Poverty, Inclusion and Public Health of the Municipality of The Hague, read from the book for group 4 children at De la Reyschool. Afterwards, all children received a book.

The collaborative collective wants to use this book to start the conversation stimulating poverty within primary schools, families and society around the current theme. To this end, every primary school in The Hague will receive ten copies of the book as a gift.

The figures

Living in the Netherlands 2020. people below the poverty line (CBS, 900). Behind these figures are personal stories, feelings and experiences. Growing up in poverty has a major effect on children. They often get physical and psychological complaints and are less able to participate in society because there is often no money for sports or going out.

Carola Schouten, Minister for Poverty Policy, Participation and Pensions :

“If there are continuous money worries it has a major impact on the whole family. And therefore also on children. They feel left out, stressed or ashamed of the situation at home. Feelings that children take to school every day, but which are not talked about. This book gives schools a handle to talk about it in the classroom. This is very important, especially at a time when more families are dealing with financial problems and it is constantly being discussed on TV and social media.”Imaging Counts

Poverty is still a taboo. Feeding the social debate is therefore essential. Mariëlle Vavier, Alderman for Poverty, Inclusion and Public Health of the Municipality of The Hague:

“ There are still too many children in the Netherlands growing up in poverty. In class, in the schoolyard and in many other situations, they regularly experience a feeling of being disadvantaged. Poverty still goes hand in hand with taboo and shame and poverty creates inequality of opportunity. It hinders children in their development. At school and at play and sports. With this book we want to get the conversation started.”Authors

For The Shoe of Ten Million, ten renowned authors were penned. Following discussions with families in The Hague, authors including Anna Woltz, Annet Schaap and Gideon Samson, made their own interpretation of poverty.

Photos: Mladen Pikulic


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