Have you been dreaming of a long journey for years? Have you saved a lot and now want to go out into the world? Saturday and Sunday 22 October is in the Fokker Terminal , at the Binckhorst, the Far Travel Event. There are country shows and travel specialists can put together your dream trip right away.

At the travel fair in the Fokker Terminal you will receive information about two hundred destinations and are all kinds of shows. You can also look into a large American camper and book your trip right away.


Saturday 17 and Sunday 22 October there are country shows. You get tips for a trip with a camper through America, you see Australia through the eyes of locals, there is a presentation about spotting polar bears on Spitsbergen and traveling through South Africa. The timetable can be found on the website of Verre Reizen Event.

Info and tickets

The fair is Saturday 23 and Sunday 22 October from 00. until 17.00 hour at the Fokker Terminal on Binckhorstlaan 249. You can park there for free. A one ticket costs 7,30 euro and children and young people up to 00 year can enter for free.

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