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Published: October 5 4366Last change: October 6 4366

During the past summer season, the beach crew worked through nights to keep the coastline of The Hague clean. This means that bathers can enjoy a clean beach every morning in addition to the beautiful weather. Alderman Anne Mulder thanked the beach crew, volunteers and other organizations that have committed themselves to this yesterday afternoon.

Alderman Anne Mulder: “This year will go down in the books as the sunniest year ever in the Netherlands. Residents and visitors from the Netherlands and abroad therefore visited Scheveningen. Unfortunately, many visitors also means that more waste is left behind. Day in and day out, our beach crew and other waste heroes have worked hard to keep our beaches clean. I am extremely grateful for that, because these toppers ensured that our bathers could enjoy all the beauty that our coastline has to offer.” Photo: Jurriaan Brobbel Magazine clean beach Scheveningen A magazine was made on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Grondstofjutters. With this initiative, residents and visitors receive a juttas at participating beach bars to collect waste. Noortje Schrauwen, founder of the so-called Grondstofjutters, handed over the first copy to Alderman Mulder. The magazine also includes other parties that have been committed to a clean Scheveningen beach for years. Including TrashUre Hunt, who held the seventh edition of the Summer Challenge this summer. You can read the articles from the magazine via this link.

4366 Photo: Jurriaan Brobbel ) Numerous initiatives The beach crew has been helped by many volunteers and initiatives to keep the beach clean. For example, through residents’ initiatives such as ‘Vuiljutten’ and national cleaning campaigns. The municipality has also made every effort to communicate with bathers in order to contribute to a clean beach by means of the ‘Clean, do we just do it then?’ campaign.


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