In Best, Van Driel is responsible for student transport. Photo: Van Driel

Van Driel transport company, which is responsible for student transport in Den Bosch, has developed an adapted schedule for student transport. This new schedule allows parents to see exactly on which day their children will be taken to school later.

“Your child’s carrier, Transport Service Van Driel, has been struggling for some time with a staff shortage and high absenteeism among the drivers,” Van Driel writes in a letter to the parents. “This means that there are not enough drivers to get all the children to school on time in the morning.”

Both the municipality of Den Bosch and the transport company from Oss find this very annoying. In order to keep the impact of this as small as possible, an adapted schedule has been made. “In this schedule, your child’s route will only be driven a maximum of one day a week later,” Van Driel explains to the parents in the letter. The adjusted schedule will remain in effect at least until the Christmas holidays.

Inform in good time According to Maurits van Driel, operational director of the transport company from Oss, the adjusted schedule should provide more clarity to parents and students. “This schedule makes it clear in advance which journeys will be made on which days later. As a result, parents and students are no longer informed a day in advance when they will be brought to school later. Parents can now respond to that.”

“And not only for the parents and the students, but also for the drivers who have to carry out the journeys, the schedule provides more clarity. It is also not nice for drivers if they are told a day in advance that they have to drive a ride tomorrow that takes place too late. In this way, the drivers are also informed in good time about which routes they have to drive and when. That is also a lot nicer for them, of course”, says Van Driel.

Extra money is not the solution The SP has meanwhile put questions to the College of Mayor and Aldermen (B&W) about this issue. They wonder what the college will do to solve the problems and whether more money could help. According to Maurits van Driel, extra money is not the solution, however. “That didn’t help us right away. It’s all about hiring drivers. Like other companies, we have to deal with shortages. Since the start of the summer holidays, we have been approaching companies with the question whether they want to drive for us. But often that other company also has no capacity. That makes it very difficult.”

Van Driel is therefore pleased that a lot of attention is being paid to the issues that currently play a role in student transport. “Still, I think that more measures are needed from the government. The work should become more rewarding. That is why it is also important that an agreement is reached quickly on a new collective labor agreement for Healthcare Transport and Taxi. The clarity that this would provide not only helps us, but also the drivers,” concludes Van Driel.

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