Looking for a room in The Hague? Then you often have to wait a long time. And sometimes even a very long wait. The average turnaround time throughout the Netherlands is four years. Fortunately, students in The Hague wait a little less, but it still takes a few years on average before they find something.

This is apparent from a tour of RTL News. In some cities, the waiting list at a housing association is even longer than the duration of the study. Leiden leads the way: students there have to bridge an average of six years and nine months before they can claim their own kitchen cupboard. This is not always the case with students who find housing through private landlords.

Waiting time in The Hague

In The Hague, students do not have to wait as long as in Leiden, but also here their patience is tested. The average waiting time is three years, ten months and twelve days. In cities around our city it is often worse. For example, students in Delft wait an average of five years for a room.

Student rooms via Kamernet

The waiting time is long, but how do you make sure that you are eligible for a room in the first place? You can register at Kamernet

. Then it’s just a matter of waiting…

The investigation of RTL Nieuws

The For this study, journalists from the research editorial team looked at which homes had been rented out from social student housing providers in the past three months and how long the registration period was. Rooms where there was a priority arrangement, urgency, mediation or the placement of international students were not included in the study.

Source: RTL Nieuws.

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