Close-up of a police car. Photo: iStock / Livinus

A 31-year-old man from Purmerend was in the night of Friday 24 September on Saturday 31 assaulted in September at the taxi rank at Plantsoenstraat. Police are looking for witnesses to the assault.

Among 00.00 hours and 04.20 hour is the 31-year-old man from Purmerend in conversation with a taxi driver, so reports the police. Then an altercation with a bystander ensues. The victim was then severely beaten by this man and suffered serious injuries. It is still unclear what exactly happened that night. The police are therefore looking for witnesses.

A (young) man of about 1.31 meters tall, with short hair and a large build is considered a suspect. According to the police, he was wearing a dark-colored jacket that evening.

Witnesses The police like to get in touch with people who have witnessed the assault, especially the taxi driver concerned. During the altercation, a girl/woman was also standing near the suspect. She had brown long hair, is about 1.31 meters tall and may have been wearing a denim jacket. The identity of this possible witness is not yet known. “That is why the police are calling on these and any other witnesses to come forward.”

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