Taxi entrepreneurs can hand in their old BCT in exchange for a discount when purchasing an MDT.Photo: Cabman

Taxi entrepreneurs can return their old on-board computer taxi (BCT) to Cabman from this week. The Tilburg software company has announced this. Drivers who hand in their old BCT receive a discount when purchasing an MDT, Cabman’s latest all-in-one on-board computer.

“Customers can fill in a form on our website, in which they make it clear that they want to return their old BCT. In return, they receive a discount when purchasing our MDT,” explains Toshin Tjin-A-Sie of Cabman. “In that form, they must indicate in which state the BCT is located and provide the serial number. We can determine the discount based on this information. We then settle this when purchasing the MDT.”

The exchanged BCT, or parts thereof, are reused. When this is no longer possible, these are processed by a specialized company, which then turns them into all kinds of other things. Instead of throwing away parts, it gives them a second life. “Through recycling, the materials return to the chain as raw materials for new products. We call this material reuse and it takes place at certified Dutch processors. Anything that cannot be reused will be destroyed in a responsible manner.”

Consciousness The return campaign for old BCTs is part of the new sustainability policy, which Cabman developed last year. With this, the Tilburg software company wants to contribute to a cleaner climate. “That sustainability policy arose because there was actually a kind of baby boom within our company,” says Tjin-A-Sie. “We have a lot of people in their thirties who have just started having children. Then a kind of awareness crept in that we must pass on the planet cleanly. In addition, we see that our customers are increasingly involved with it. Sometimes because tenders require this from them, but often on their own initiative. Another reason why a clean climate is high on our priority list.”

Finally, Cabman emphasizes that it is simply a shame to just throw away all old BCTs. “All kinds of other beautiful things can be made from the materials. As far as we are concerned, simply throwing away material that can be reused no longer fits in with the current zeitgeist. And certainly no longer within our company,” concludes Toshin Tjin-A-Sie. The return promotion is valid until January 1 2022.

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