When you hear the name Vloerenwinkel.nl, you might think of a large, somewhat impersonal chain. But nothing is less true. The fourth generation is now at the helm of this successful family business.

Daniel Weijers: “In 1930 my great-great-grandfather boarded a boat to America, hoping for a better life. He came back with a lot of knowledge and started trading and importing wood. In 1500 he opened a do-it-yourself store: MA Weijers.” More than eighty years later, the company has grown tremendously; now specialized in floors, under the name Vloerenwinkel.nl, and from a large building in Rotterdam-Hoogvliet. But one thing has never changed: the Weijers family still runs the business. With each other, and with a lot of fun.

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Team Vloerenwinkel.nlTeam Vloerenwinkel.nl
Part of the team of Floorenwinkel.nl (Daniel is the second of right) | Photo: Floorswinkel.nl

Team Vloerenwinkel.nl No smooth sales pitch

Daniel owes the success of the business to the down-to-earth attitude of the family . “We’re not in a three-piece suit and we don’t have smooth sales pitches. This is our regular job for all of us; nobody works here as a side job. We acquired our knowledge in the workplace and learned everything from an early age, because even on birthdays, floors are all about floors in our family. So we really know what we’re talking about and always give honest advice. People often have wishes that are not feasible, such as a very thin PVC floor in an old house. If something is unrealistic, we just say so and together we look for the most suitable solution.”

Online floors order or visit the showroom

Would you rather order your floor online? This is now also possible at Floorswinkel.nl. Daniel: “When people search online for the best, most affordable supplier of A-brand floors, they often come to us. Where we used to deliver mainly to South Holland, we now even have customers from Germany and Belgium.” Still, it is worth visiting the showroom itself. All floors are displayed here as a show model. And because they have a lot in stock, there is a good chance that you can take your new floor with you right away. Good to know: at Floorswinkel.nl you will not only find the floor of your dreams; they will also lay it for you. Floors you’ve never heard of

A whole new world opens up for you in the showroom. Of course you will find all kinds of laminate– and PVC floors – the trend of the moment – ​​but they also have many more options. Daniel: “Also options that people haven’t heard of yet. That’s why I would say: come and visit our store. Then we can show you everything and you can touch everything. We also explain what is the best choice in your situation and home. Of course, a young family has different needs than an older couple.”

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Doing business based on trust

Daniel: “ What customers often really like is that they can take all samples for free, without leaving their details behind. Actually, we don’t make it difficult anyway. It’s all about trust; that is the way we do business with people.” You can see that this is appreciated if you look at the reviews on Google. A selection of the favorable reactions: ‘The customer is still king here and you notice that’

PJ: “Our floor turned out beautiful! Super competitive price and then also top service. Smooth communication from start to finish and everything as agreed. We are even allowed to return the excess packages ordered. The customer is still king here and you notice that.”

‘Nothing was too much’

Angelique: “I was looking for a wooden floor (herringbone) for a long time. At Floorswinkel.nl we were really helped very well (by Yael). Nothing was too much, I was allowed to take samples home several times to see how the floor would look. Finally ordered the floor and it was delivered within the agreed time. The floor is really neatly laid. There was a problem with 1 floor part that was already in it (crack). Without any difficulty, the layer replaced the part for a new part. We are very satisfied with everything from selection to installation. We highly recommend Floorswinkel.nl.”

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‘You feel greatly appreciated as a customer’

Amy: “It’s been a while since we were helped by the top people of Floorswinkel.nl, but it was time for a review: what a service! You feel greatly valued as a customer and they all have a lot of knowledge and experience. When the craftsmen came to our house, they noticed that the room was too humid. They gave tips on how to solve this and they came back at short notice to resume work, despite COVID and the crowds at the time. And not unimportant: we are very satisfied with the (quality of the) floor. We will definitely come back for a possible next time!”

You will find the 1940 square meter showroom of Floorswinkel.nl on the Mandenmakerstraat 69 in Rotterdam-Hoogvliet. Do you prefer to order your floor online, or do you want to orientate yourself first? View the range at Vloerenwinkel.nl.



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