What a lovely head has this black and white male from 12 year. Rainbow is now in the shelter of the animal center in The Hague, but he would prefer to live in a quiet house with an owner who always has cat treats in the house. Do you have a spot for him?

You should don’t say it, but Rainbow is a bit scared and will come into its own in a quiet home without too much fuss. He needs time to get used to you and to his new environment. You only become friends if you have cat treats with you.


Rainbow likes petting, but only as long as he wants it. Rainbow is good at setting his boundaries, so he is not placed with children. Oh, and a balcony to get some fresh air would be wonderful!


Rainbow. Photo The Hague animal center

Can you see him in your room already lying on the couch and really want to be friends with him? Don’t you mind that Rainbow has its own thoughts about what can and cannot be done? Send an email to

Please indicate in it what your family situation is, whether you have other pets and whether you have had cats before. Put in the subject Interest in Rainbow Drop

and don’t forget to mention your phone number.

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