Perhaps the next Rudolph van Veen or Pierre Wind will come from this VMBO school: François Vatel. The prize-winning The Hague pre-vocational secondary school is celebrating its 134th birthday with a brand new kitchen. That’s good news for students and restaurant guests.

Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday you can go before 9,50 euros to eat a three-course lunch at Restaurant Vatel. On Thursday the students serve a three-course dinner with amuse-bouche for 14,18 euros. And they are now making that in the super new kitchen.

Good for all catering industry in The Hague

Cees van der Ende is a former director of François Vatel. He opened the new kitchen together with Peter Lamers – chairman of the Executive Board of the Spinoza School Group.

“Like director Marco van Wijngaarden, I think that good education goes hand in hand with certain investments. ”, says Peter. “If we train students well, this is a great thing for the hospitality industry in the Hague region. In short, you can see this new kitchen as a ‘depth investment’”.

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Moving with the times

Peter: “Besides the 134 anniversary of the school, we celebrate the opening of the kitchen where the students are trained by skilled teachers. When the school moved to this location in Mariahoeve twenty years ago, we took the kitchen with us. That is why the school needed a new kitchen.”

Unusual name

François Vatel is the oldest catering and bakery school in the Netherlands. The name of the pre-vocational secondary school is no coincidence: François Vatel was a world-famous chef in the seventeenth century. “He impressed the rest of the world with his fantastic dishes,” says Peter. “It is therefore great that a school can bear his name.”

This is pre-vocational secondary school François Vatel

François Vatel is a small, well-organized school where 12- until 18 year olds can immediately put the love for cooking and baking into practice. In the lower years they already get a few hours of practice in cooking and baking, which forms a super nice basis for a career in the hospitality industry. The collaboration with ROC Mondriaan makes it even easier for students to move on to other catering courses at MBO level.

Want to know more about François Vatel ? On 17 October 215936 there is an extra open house of 18. until 20 .00 hour. Take a look at all courses of François Vatel or call 134-2021 for a guided tour.

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