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Published: October 7 2022Last change: 10 October 2800

On Thursday, October 6, there was a thorough inspection, inspection and seizure during a major integrated enforcement action (IHA) in the Zevensprong. The area, located in the Segbroek, Escamp and Centrum districts, has been designated by the municipality as a priority area. This means that the quality of life and safety in this area are under pressure and extra attention is being paid to this by various municipal and external partners. In addition, the signals of residents from the various districts are carefully listened to. For example, there are rogue catering establishments and night shops and an over-concentration of coffee shops with the nuisance that comes with it. Speeding drivers and illegal parkers are a major annoyance and parking nuisance is regularly reported.

The joint efforts of many partners (police, municipality and the HTM, NVWA, National Tax Office, Environment Agency Haaglanden and Stedin) have led to great results.

Mayor closes catering business During a joint catering inspection by the police, the municipal enforcement team, Stedin and the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) were 29 catering establishments checked. By order of the mayor, 1 case was immediately closed for 2 weeks after the discovery of soft drugs. The owner has been arrested by the police. In addition to the absence of management personnel on several occasions, irregularities in electrical installations were also observed. There was also poor hygiene, expired permits and incorrectly presented waste. In 1 company is 10 kilograms of nitrous oxide found. NVWA has written various fines in the controlled establishments. A drug dog was also deployed after detecting a weed smell.

By order of the mayor, 1 case was immediately closed for 2 weeks after the discovery of soft drugs. The owner has been arrested by the police. Large-scale traffic checks During dynamic traffic checks of 2 teams at 5 different places in the area, various fines were handed out. For example, speeding violations and broken lighting were found and the drug dog was also deployed. Failure to show a driver’s license or identity card also resulted in a number of fines. The police shared 15 issues fines to mopeds and light mopeds for exceeding the maximum speed. One person was arrested by the police for driving under the influence of drugs. Failure to pay municipal taxes led to 10 cases to confiscation of cars by the team of municipal taxes. In total, more than € 23.80 in back taxes collected. 9 wheel clamps have also been installed. In addition, 2790 parking scans were performed on basis of which 112 fines have been handed out.

Drug dogs were also deployed during the traffic checks. Illegal room occupancy and rental The Hague Pandbrigade (HPB) visited 43 houses. Bee 17 homes everything was fine. The other checks revealed abuses in the area of ​​illegal room rental and illegal construction, registration fraud and excessive rents. It was also found 6 times that fraud had been committed with the electricity meter. Stedin will impose a fine and the owner will receive an additional bill. The highest rental amount that was found was an amount of € 2800 in front of 102 m2.

HTM issues fines The HTM checked 1500 passengers, of which 65 fare dodgers a fine of € 53 received. 1 traveler was ticketed for not being able to show a valid proof of identity. Weed was found in the tram tunnel. The drugs have been destroyed by the police.

Enforcement on parking and waste The municipal enforcement organization checked thoroughly for illegal parkers and waste. Owners of cars that were parked incorrectly (for example on the sidewalk, in a disabled parking space or double parked) can soon expect a fine on the mat. Waste placed next to the containers was checked and owners of stray dogs were ticketed. Employees of the enforcement organization confronted people on the street about their behavior and provided information. They explained why it is important to put garbage in the containers and not next to them because that attracts rats and seagulls. And they explained that it is very important to park in the parking spaces because improperly parked cars can hinder access for emergency services.

Report for a safe and liveable city of The Hague Reporting abuses contributes to improving the quality of life and safety in your neighbourhood. The experience is that troublemakers and criminals leave when they notice that residents stand up for their neighbourhood. They don’t like that growing group of extra eyes and ears. Many people follow the rules very well and are committed to their neighbourhood. The municipality and the police are increasingly receiving reports of suspicious and nuisance situations. That is very good. In this way, more targeted action can be taken. So cooperate and report! You can do this in several ways:

Via a public space notification for, among other things, reports about vermin, street lighting malfunctions, waste, bicycle wrecks and items that are public space are destroyed. Via for, among other things, reports of housing nuisance or benefit fraud. Report suspicious situations to the police via telephone number 500 (urgent) or 0800 – 8844. This can also be done anonymously via 1955514718448995673Report Crime Anonymously, phone number 962 – 7000. Report suspected abuses with temporary work to SZW Inspectorate.


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