Proposal on a reclassification scheme for the return of the former border between the municipality of The Hague and the municipality of Rijswijk The homes on the Cromvlietkade, Geestbrugkade and part of the Nassaukade are located in the municipality of Rijswijk; the sidewalks, streets and green areas are located within the municipality of The Hague. In 2001 this situation arose as a result of a municipal reorganization in which a ‘corridor ‘ was set to the Vliet zone. In this way, The Hague could construct the Trekvliettracé, a road connection from The Hague to the national road network, on The Hague’s territory. With the arrival of the Rotterdamsebaan, the need for the corridor has now disappeared. The municipality of Rijswijk has therefore requested that the old situation be restored, whereby the strip of land in The Hague will once again become Rijswijk territory. This ensures uniformity and clarity for residents in terms of management, maintenance and enforcement. Proposal for the establishment of the preliminary design of the Leidsestraatweg star bicycle route The municipality has chosen to focus on the realization of star bicycle routes: important routes for the through cyclists. They are comfortable, fast and safe connections that make it attractive to opt for the bicycle even on longer distances. The aim of this project is to improve a missing link on the Sterfietsroute Den Haag – Wassenaar, namely the Leidsestraatweg between the Haagse Bos and the bicycle tunnel under the N44/ Benoordenhoutseweg.

Proposal on Updating Soil Policy on PFAS The Municipality of The Hague pursues a sustainable soil flows policy. For this purpose, the Soil Management memorandum is included in 2023 -2023 determined by the board. A few years after the adoption of this memorandum, PFAS (poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances) have become a hot topic. PFAS have been used in many products. As a result of production and also through emissions and incidents, these substances have ended up in the environment and are now present in the soil, in dredged material and in surface water. In 2013 questions about PFAS in The Hague soil were asked from the council, whereupon the council indicated its policy on this. to fit. The government would also like municipalities to establish local policy and application standards for PFAS.

Initiative proposal: Child-friendly City In 2021 the Initiative proposal Child Friendly City was submitted by then councilor Arjen Kapteijns of GroenLinks. The broad initiative proposal focuses on two topics: a child-friendly physical outdoor space and the involvement of children in designing this outdoor space. The initiative proposal calls on the Municipal Executive to implement seventeen recommendations in the field of public space and child participation and to inform the Council about this.

Proposal regarding Plinth strategy Plinths form the transition zone between the street and buildings. The plinth is that part of a building that can be seen at eye level. In view of the large-scale new construction and redevelopment task in the city, many new plinths are being created. Controlling this is important, because a good plinth design ensures a pleasant living climate, social cohesion and quality of life for the residents.

Completion of debate committee Finally, a number of committee debates are concluded:

Entrepreneurs ( Zeeheldenkwartier) Subsidy scheme facades Spuistraat and Vlamingstraat The Hague 2022 Refugee reception Written questions Where is that football cage? Environmental VisionWatch the meeting? The full meeting can be followed live in the public gallery in the council chamber or via the livestream on denhaag. nl/ broadcasting council. The full agenda and documents can be found here see.


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